S.O.S. 2020



we've all had enough of 2020, so lets keep it simple.

We understand the barrage of requests and the commitment of fundraisers.
EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR raised will go into programs and services supporting SSMS staff and students. 

SSMS PTAs annual budget comes mostly from our one major fundraiser, as well as small amounts from dues, spirit wear, bricks, and other small sales.  Without our Color Battle this year, we are asking for your help, avoiding irritating families for unattainable prizes. 

LETS SHOW OUR SSMS STAFF WE APPRECIATE THEM BY PARTICIPATING IN THIS FUNDRAISER AND CONTINUE PROVIDING OUR STUDENTS AND STAFF WITH NEEDS NOT PROVIDED WITHIN THE SCHOOL (AND TEACHER) BUDGET!  This could be amazing for our school despite the ridiculousness of 2020.  All funds will go to SSMS, not the people running the fundraiser making you and your kids bonkers!  If every enrolled child donated the minimum suggested amount, we could exceed our goal from last years COLOR BATTLE - and not have any fees to pay out!! 

2020 just might have a little silver and maroon lining. 











$20,200.00 - more unexpected things have happened this year.


-Advanced Video Production Equipment

-Remote Learning Equipment

-Wireless Microphones

-Bluetooth headphones/earbuds

-Wireless presenters

-Lunch for teachers / staff back to school meeting

-Exercise bikes (pedaler) for students to use in CL&I while reading
-Algebra 1 Curriculum Bundle
-Stringing my Genes, beads for gene coding

-Curriculum materials for 4 thematic units in US History
-Habitudes books with mini lessons for SEL planning
-Math resource to integrate graphs, tables, and charts using visual representations
- Science review board games for assessment reviews aligned to MS TEKS
-Staff attendance at Women's Outdoor Education Workshop
-Warm Up to Science program, offering student-centered activities to enhance student understanding

-Full sized Skeletal model

-Digital Magazine access to Scholastic Scope

-Adapted PE for Life Skills

-Professional Development for 7th grade science

-National History Day, purchased 2 full sets of  books (one for each grade level)

-Funded National History Day State Competition fees

-Purchased the Newsela Pro Subscription for next year

​-Funded World History Mini-DBQ units from the DBQ Project.

-Aided Social Studies teachers in state level presentation opportunities

-Myth Solvers funding for Best Boat Float competition

-7/8th Split Entrepreneur Curriculum

-Funded  a training from Penny Kittle in SA for ELAR Department

-Funded attendance at Number Lab's [Co]lab Intensive 2019

-Funded 8 buses  for the 8th grade field trip to Fiesta Texas, reducing the student field trip cost by $10 per student.

-Funded safe delivery of an upright piano being donated to the school benefiting the Musical Theater   classes, Annual Talent Show, and any singer/songwriters on campus who wish to utilize the piano for classes, passion projects, creative collaborations, or music theory study.

-Love and Logic Curriculum

-Fund Scripps Spelling Bee School Competition

-Impact More - water bottle fillers

-Shrink wrap for custodians

-Funded Impact More transportation field trip to Ledgestone Senior Center

-Funded Pride Paw Cart for Spring

-Funded “Chris in the classroom”  Social Fun Social Emotional Empowerment Strategies Program

-Provided Food for Tigers Rise

-Sugar Shack

-Teacher Appreciation

-Monthly birthday recognition of teachers

-Teacher holiday cookie buffet

-Teacher Appreciation Week

-Dinner for Educators during Parent Orientation

-Dinner for Educators during Elective Showcase 

-Back to school lunch for Staff

-Halloween Treats for staff

-STAAR Breakfast for Educators